Seasons are so fascinating, aren’t they? They don’t come at a set date and time, and they don’t care if you’re ready. I feel like I’ve already lived a lifetime of seasons, but I still enjoy the kaleidoscope-change of a new one entering my present.

For six years, I’ve developed a wide palette for ministry, having dipped my toe into adult small group ministry, college ministry, youth ministry, kids ministry, and volunteer ministry. There is always something to learn and a new idea to mold into a vision.

My current greatest honor is leading the Welcome Teams volunteers at Brazos Fellowship Church in College Station, Texas. This blog is actually a small gift to those volunteers – a way we can learn together, rest in encouragement, and seek new horizons.

If you’re one of my people, thank you for entering this adventure with me. If you’re not a part of our ministry, we’re happy to have you all the same! I’d be excited to learn from you and your experiences.

I hope you know that you are prayed for. Thank you for your grace in advance to the thoughts of a messy, hopeful girl just trying to love God and love His people.

Happy reading.

– Lindsay

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