At The Movies Contest!

graphic owned by Brazos Fellowship Church

If you’re a Welcome Teams volunteer at Brazos Fellowship, this contest is for YOU!

Below are the rules for the contest for our series At The Movies during the week of July:

Rules: no, you can’t win both prizes! And yes, you have to be a BF Welcome Teams volunteer.

If you choose to attempt the first challenge (serving the most hours during the series), you must use the schedule link here, as well as be checked-in and seen by me or a team lead each Sunday! Extra points go to those that serve in their normal area and serve additionally with At The Movies!

If you choose to attempt the second challenge (posting the most At The Movies promotional graphics on social media), you must use the hashtag #bfmovies to tag your post on Facebook or Instagram.

Tie-breakers will be names drawn from a bowl by another staff member.

If you have any questions about the rules of our contest, please email me at